Garden Clearance

Does your garden have overgrown weeds, dead leaves, unshaped gardens with dead flowers, and sheds that are on the verge of falling over? We can clean up for you and get rid of your garbage in an environmentally-friendly way, no matter the time of year.



Bringing Your Garden Back To Life

Has your garden gotten a little out of control but you don’t have the time to clean it up? That’s what Dove Gardens is here for. We don’t just clear your gardens of debris, we also get rid of sheds in need of repair, or give greenhouses a facelift! We want you to be happy with the appearance of your garden again and work diligently to make that happen.

Residential & Commercial Clearing

Do you have a commercial property in need of some cleaning up? We don’t just specialize in residential garden clearing. We can clear your commercial property of any debris at any time throughout the year to ensure customer and employee safety, and make the property look more attractive and welcoming than ever.

We’ll Dispose Of Rubbish Appropriately

Looking after our precious environment is very important to us, which is why we remain conscious of our environmental impact and carbon footprint. We’ll dispose of any rubbish, debris, and removed shrubs or trees appropriately and respectfully.

Your True Lawn Care Experts

With over 20 years of experience, you can say we’ve become quite the lawn care experts. We’re committed to providing an exceptional level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve built our business off of professionalism, trust, and integrity, and you can hold us to that.

We cover a wide range of lawn care services all year round and are more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

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